New generation of integrated safety tower. [fvplayer id="10"]

TheTouréchaf is a new shoring tower with integrated safety. Innovatively simple to use and lightweight. Its compatibility with scaffolding makes it easy to install bracing, connections and decking between towers.    

Advantages: 4 identical frames for each level. 
Each frame has:
- Safety: top rail, mid rail, access ladder.
- Automatic locking without pins.
- A lifting ring. 1 floor only with hatch. Unit weight of normal wear parts less than15 kg to reduce MSI. Compatible with our scaffolding system: 
- Bracing and connection without tube and clamp.
- Decking between towers for shuttering and deshuttering operations
- Decking at the top of towers for keying beams. NT24 compliant, CRAMIF (Île-de-France health insurance authority). 6 tonnes per standard.
See the technical documentation: 


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Examples of construction work:


Efficient and safe.

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Designed for all types of construction use up to 10m high.

Advantages: Simple to assemble with connector-free ladder attachment. Transverse horizontal bar for easy installation and increased load carrying capacity. Safety cross-brace to ensure bracing and guard rail functions when the ladder is moved. Load carrying capacity per rail: 4.5 tonnes per standard with jacks at the top.  See the technical documentation (Only in French):

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 Fast and easy [fvplayer id="13"]

Designed for construction projects, Tourétai is used for heights below 4m00. 
The frame stabilises the props and replaces the dangerous use of tripods. Advantages: Easy and fast. Brace frame shoring system.  3 different parts.  One person assembly See the technical documentation (Only in French):

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Mills Tour

The benchmark. [fvplayer id="12"]
Mills Tour is a shoring system for making towers, bents and platforms. Widely used, Mills Tour has become the benchmark in shoring towers for civil engineering and public works. Its telescopic floor, modularity and lightweight elements make it extremely efficient.  
  Advantages: All elements are self-locking. The sliding floor makes it easy to adjust.  Easy to plan and install despite the complications of the site.  Slides and telescopes for repetitive work.  Lightweight normal wear parts (9.4 kg max). Conforms to French standard NF P 93-550. 6.5 tonnes per standard. Version 10 tonnes per standard MT100.
See the technical documentation (2014 version) :

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Heavy duty shore and truss girder

Heavy loads
To transmit temporary substantial loads, with a mainly vertical but also horizontal or sloped system, MILLS stock of equipment includes two main types of heavy duty shoring, P 35 for a 35 tonne working load and S 40 for 40 tonnes.

This equipment is often used in association with cross beams or with a specially designed structure according to the nature of the stresses. See the technical documentation (Only in French):


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