New generation of integrated safety tower.


TheTouréchaf is a new shoring tower with integrated safety. Innovatively simple to use and lightweight. Its compatibility with scaffolding makes it easy to install bracing, connections and decking between towers.    

Advantages: tourechaf_cramif_300x200_horiz

  • 4 identical frames for each level. 
    Each frame has:
    – Safety: top rail, mid rail, access ladder.
    – Automatic locking without pins.
    – A lifting ring.
  • 1 floor only with hatch.
  • Unit weight of normal wear parts less than15 kg to reduce MSI.
  • Compatible with our scaffolding system: 
    – Bracing and connection without tube and clamp.
    – Decking between towers for shuttering and deshuttering operations
    – Decking at the top of towers for keying beams.
  • NT24 compliant, CRAMIF (Île-de-France health insurance authority).
  • 6 tonnes per standard.

See the technical documentation: 

Use :  Tourechaf adjustable falsework tower trolley:


Examples of construction work: