Designed for BIM technology

NoemiBIM will guide you in designing shoring equipment and access stairs with Mills Equipment.
It is compatible with Révit© and Autocad© but can also work on its own, helping you every step of the way.




Model drawing

Drawing your structure piece by piece is over. Thanks to an intuitive user interface,
put in your build parameters and let NoemiBIM do all the work.




The software proposes a mesh and automatically checks the shoring.
Optimize according to your needs. If the solution does not satisfy you, do not start
from scratch, modify it and the software will automatically update.
Once satisfied, the software will generate the calculation note.



Material list, Packaging and Transport

NoemiBIM counts the equipment needed and makes a bill of material. The packaging can be automatically generated: by steps or in its entirety. An estimate of the length of the truck needed to transport all the equipment is available to complete the project.


Mills 2D/3D library

NoemiBIM uses the Mills library, which is available online for free. Each model piece has been drawn to minimize project size yet providing enough details. NoemiBIM will automatically update using the Mills Library when a new version is released.

Evolution. Major updates to come in 2024…

If you are using Mills products this software is particularly for you. A team in charge of its
development is at your entire disposal if you have any concerns or questions. Feel free to contact us at noemi@mills.fr



Access NOEMI +  to complete your scaffolding calculation notes.

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Informations request about Mills software  : noemi@mills.fr