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service_location_300x200_horizYou can access 13,000 tonnes of our equipment, available for hire across France through our network of agencies.
All items are constantly maintained, reviewed and re-packaged, giving you the guarantee of high-quality equipment.

Based on your requirements, our consulting team can put together your plans and calculation notes.

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06/04/2021 GTA table first column pouring…

At Hinkley Point C, Somerset, in UK, A 19m high Tourechaf falsework and Escalib Mills allow Bylor’s team to access at several levels around the column...

06/04/2021 New Mills 5-Ton Bracket

The Mills 5-Ton Bracket is a wall bracket designed to support high shoring stress, up to 5 metric tons.The Mills 5-Ton Bracket is fixed to...

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