Mills Acram

Multidirectional, multilevel and MDS scaffolding.


This system of multidirectional and multilevel scaffolding is characterised by being extremely robust and easy to use. It has highly innovative MDS rails that adapt to all configurations. Scaffolding with this equipment is classed as "MDS category 2" according to INRS (French Research and Safety Institute).

Mills Acram is fully suited to the tough demands of construction and public works or industrial sites where its simplicity and robustness make it a safe tool.    


  • MDS guard rails:
    – mean that the flooring can be installed perpendicularly to the rail
      allowing the use of low power cranes (see video) and end meshes.
    – allows the creation of acute or obtuse angles.
    – allows real bracing by placing the diagonal at the level of the floor rail.
  • Extremely robust.
  • Compatible with Mills Plato.
  • Numerous accessories.


See the technical documentation (Only in French):

Download Autocad® blocks