Mills has always guaranteed the quality of its manufacturing work and is committed each and every day to preventing risks and to the safety of installers and users of our products in order to ensure customer loyalty.

The commitment of each of our employees has enabled us to achieve and sustain ISO 9001 certification (2008) for our quality management system that covers all our activities.

The certifications confirm this expertise, staged according to the capacity of companies based on their technical and human resources and confirmed by the quality of their results.

The organisation

> Afaq Afnor Certificationqualification_afaq_01

Mills holds certificate: ISO 9001: 2008
For the following activities: design, manufacture, sale, export, logistics, rental and implementation of scaffolding, shoring and associated equipment for construction work, public works, industry (aeronautics, nuclear power, metallurgy, petrochemical, shipbuilding), and events.


> The NF qualification_NF_02mark

Mills equipment complies with European standards EN 12810 and EN 12811. Mills has the right to use the “NF” mark run by AFNOR.


> Qualibat

As a member of the FFB (French Building Federation),
Mills holds the highest qualifications:    
– 1413: Fixed scaffolding – “Superior Technical Expertise”
– 1443: Shoring – “Superior Technical Expertise”
– 1433: Event structures – “Superior Technical Expertise”
A company that, incorporating a consulting team, designs, studies and manufactures structures of all heights requiring the establishment of calculation notes. The consulting team must have at least one engineer and one technician with three years practicing in the profession.


As a member of SFECE (French Union of Scaffolding, Formwork and Shoring), Mills holds the highest level in competency certificatesqualification_Sfece_04
1 C: Scaffolding Service – "Superior Competence"
2 C: Shoring – "Superior Competence"
4 C: Event structures – “Superior Competence”
A company that, incorporating a consulting team, has the competencies required to ensure the design, supply and erection of structures of all heights and kinds, with an obligation to establish plans and calculation notes.

The quality approach: it’s what we do naturally!


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