MWP: Mills work platform

Designed for Touréchaf, MWP allows for the creation of working surfaces at the periphery of the façades for the personnel or for supporting the vertical formwork as a replacement for cantilever working platform.
It is proposed with a plywood or steel teardrop plate cladding. The 2 versions are compatible. The type of cladding is interchangeable..

Advantages :

  • Safety:
    • Inserts for guardrail post.
    • Handling is facilitated by folding lifting rings.
    • Compatible with Touréchaf.
  • Composition:
    • 4m00 or 6m00.
    • Fastening between MWPs via bolting.
    • Key system between MWPs.
    • Accessories for extensions.
  • Bearing capacity:
    • Temporary storage: 2,000 daN (1m00x1m00).
    • Vertical formwork panel: 900 daN/m to 2,730 daN/m (see chart).
    • Execution load: 150 daN/m².

See the technical documentation: