Tourechaf Cardboard Formwork Bracket

For cardboard formwork from 15 to 60 cm diameter.

This accessory for the Touréchaf shoring tower enables a hold of a pillar formwork to achieve concreting in collective safety.

The CFB Mills builds from the shoring tower floor and the plumb adjustment is easily done thanks to a bar with a swivel-locking system and 4 adjustable heads.

Usually, cardboard formwork suppliers recommend a stabilising mechanism on the bottom and top until a height of 4m00 and then every 2m00 beyond. Either way, it is a necessity to refer back to the formwork supplier’s technical sheet.

Details of a complete CFB Mills :

– Adjustable head CFB :  4
– Crossbar CFB :   1
– Double bars CFB :   2


See the technical documentation:

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