Tiroir Mills


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The Tiroir Mills is a manually operated unloading platform

Once a floor has been made safe, it can positioned by crane between the floor and ceiling slabs and fixed in place using four jack posts or by anchoring to the floor slab
When retracted, it does not hinder crane access to ground below. When extended it can even be accessed below overhangs.

tourechaf_superpose_940x500_newWhen several Tiroir Mills are installed one above the other, material s can be delivered to a lower level by retracting all the higher platforms.

It can take a load of five tonnes at the centre point.

The Tiroir Mills does not need to be retracted to remove the materials delivered, as there is a pedal operated ramp which can be raised for a pallet truck to take the load.
When it is not in use, the Tiroir Mills can be retracted and locked.


Plus points

  • Rapid delivery of materials to different floors.
  • Easily installed using a crane.
  • Integral ramp for access with a pallet truck.
  • Zero footprint.
  • Can be installed, one above the other, on several floors.


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"Safety first on your worksites. Materials delivered rapidly to any floor."

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