GTA table first column pouring… 06/04/2021

At Hinkley Point C, Somerset, in UK,

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New Mills 5-Ton Bracket 06/04/2021

The Mills 5-Ton Bracket is a wall bracket designed to support high shoring stress, up to 5 metric tons. Lire la suite

New Maintain Carton MCC Mills… 16/03/2021

MCC Mills, the new Touréchaf Formwork Support System for diameters from 15 to 60 cm.

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The future station of Vitry Centre… 22/02/2021

The new Vitry-Centre station on line 15 of the Grand Paris Express is located in the heart of the city, in Coteau Parc.

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Happy new year… 01/01/2021

The Mills team wishes you a Happy 2021...

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