New: the Escalib Mills MDS


The new Escalib Mills MDS is a real breakthrough: a staircase with integral collective fall protection so that it can be erected and dismantled without using harnesses. This spiral worksite staircase now has only three prefabricated components: a base unit, a stair module which can be easily stacked by crane up to eight high, and a barrier to close off the top

Rather than get bogged down in a long description, watch the computer generated video [Objet inconnu] to discover the features that make it the leader in worksite staircases.

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”6765″]

  • Safe, easy access (all levels can be accessed without modifications).
  • Integral collective fall protection for erecting and dismantling without harnesses
  • Rapid erection and repositioning
  • Small footprint
  • Only three prefabricated components
  • Can be lifted using a crane
  • Compatible with 2 and 3 rail Escalib
  • Robust construction, galvanised finish (optionally powder coated)Escalib MDS adaptor kits for older Escalib.

Mills Escalib MDS online :


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