140730_image_scaffcadMILLS has developed Scaff’CAD, a specialised AutoCAD© software program to create simple and complex 3D drawings of scaffolding and shoring structures and automatic parts lists. Our 2D and 3D libraries are available upon request.

Scaff'Cad allows you to:
  • Have a 3D library of all our ranges of equipment.
  • Insert blocks easily.
  • Create structures automatically in relation to the parameters you define.
  • Automatic insert tubes and coupling devices, metal profiles and girders.
  • Create engineering drawings quickly with the automatic cross-section drawing tool.
  • Create realistic 3D renderings
  • Quickly obtain the parts list, total or partial weight, etc.
  • We provide training, updates and technical assistance.
  • Only marketed to clients with our equipment.

For a quote of Scaff'CAD,  please contact us : scaffcad@mills.fr