Organisation and know how

service_montage_940x500Mills works department has the human and material resources required to fully implement all the solutions agreed with the client.

The department is involved from the moment of site preparation until the inspection of the structures in conjunction with our design office.     

At the end of the project, the equipment is collected and taken back to our warehouses. Then it is inspected and cleaned regularly at our zinc shot blasting unit (patented procedure). The equipment is thus reconditioned and ready for use in new projects.

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06/04/2021 GTA table first column pouring…

At Hinkley Point C, Somerset, in UK, A 19m high Tourechaf falsework and Escalib Mills allow Bylor’s team to access at several levels around the column...

06/04/2021 New Mills 5-Ton Bracket

The Mills 5-Ton Bracket is a wall bracket designed to support high shoring stress, up to 5 metric tons.The Mills 5-Ton Bracket is fixed to...

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