MP3, PHAL and M20 : beams

MP3 beams, for safe installation of plywood:

The MP3 formwork system is a set of 3 beams connected together by a handle that secures the installation of the plywood during the formwork of the concrete slabs.
The small spacing between the beams (10 cm) prevents a foot from passing through and protects from the risks of falling. Also, the overlaping zones of the MP3 make moving about easier.
MP1 unit beams are used for the keys. The complex shapes are carried out using standard lumber that have the same height as the MP3 and MP1.
The MP3 beams are delivered in specific cradles that do not require metal straps and their light weight of 14.8 kg makes installation easy.

Advantages to the MP3 :

  • Secures the installation of the plywood.
  • Space between beams: 10 cm.
  • Tipping is impossible.
  • Quick assembly.
  • 2 wooden battens.
  • Weight MP3: 14.8 kg.
  • About 0.80m² formworked by MP3.
  • Supplemented simply in tight areas with MP1 unit beams and lumber.
  • Special storage cradle.

PHAL aluminium beams:

The Phal P1 aluminium beam is mainly used as a primary beam (installed in the fork heads). The perfect symmetry of Mills Phal profiles makes them easy to use. Can be installed with hammerhead bolts and clips. It can be equipped with a wooden batten.

Advantages of the Mills Phal:

  • The perfect symmetry of Mills Phal profiles makes them easy to use.
  • The double wall provides perfect stability, great inertia under torsion and excellent horizontal inertia.
  • Installed with hammerhead bolts and clamps.

M20 wooden beams:

It is used for all types of slab and wall formwork in civil engineering and construction.

Advantages of the M20:

  • It's economical and easy to use.
  • It's suitable for almost all civil engineering and building shoring applications.


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