Escalib Mills_GB

34 E S C A L I B M I L L S M D S : S I T E S P I R A L S T A I R T O W E R W I T H S I D E E X I T Bracket landing ... T he "Bracket landing" is a cranable component as a metal framework without a scaffolding component. It is installed on the stair string of the Escalib. It is used to carry out the access on the roof or at the bottom of an excavation. A foldable stand facilitates storage of the bracket landing. The guardrails can be removed. > ESCALIB BRACKET LANDING Description Code Weight Escalib Bracket landing 013400-7 155 Evenly distributed working load: 200kg/m². > Access to the roof with parapet using a sloped staircase: > Access at the bottom of an excavation: Hang a sloped staircase: Staircase > 6 steps: - Hooked on the upper module of the Escalib Mills. - No operation in suspended configuration.The chains make it possible to temporarily maintain the sloped staircase raised for the works. Hang a sloped staircase: Staircase ≤ 6 steps: - Chains hooked to the bracket landing. - Operation possible in hung configuration. 125 55 We favour access at the bottom of an excavation with a 2 nd Escalib Mills. In the case where this solution cannot be considered, access can be achieved by combining a bracket landing and a sloped staircase. Equipped with chains and shor- tening hooks, the sloped staircase can be temporarily maintained rais- ed, like a drawbridge, to facilitate earthworks. For carrying an access above a parapet, the bracket landing can be associated with a sloped staircase. The latter can be suspended in order to avoid disturb the weather- proofing work. The landing facilitates access to the roof... Anti-lifting screw on either side of the landing. Two anti-lifting screws are provided on the bracket landing. NT 010 - ESCALIB MILLS TECHNICAL INFORMATION