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Escalib Mills MDS : spiral stair tower with side exit... 2 E S C A L I B M I L L S : S I T E S P I R A L S T A I R T O W E R W I T H S I D E E X I T . T he Escalib Mills MDS (SafeAssembling and Dismantling) is a metal spiral stair tower with side exit.The triangular step then acts as a landing.Turn the Escalib Mills stair tower through 90° until slab of the steps is level with the slab being served.The stair tower is constructed using a base, several modules that are easy to stack using a crane and a barrier guardrail at the top. Its dimensions (1m68x1m68) allow users to pass each other comfortably. Assembly using only collective protection (no safety harness) is simple and fast: just 4 screws per module. Each module is fitted with fold-away guardrails that are attached at one end. The Escalib Mills tower can be moved by crane (max. 8 modules). Its small size makes it easy to install. The Mini Escalib Mills (1m28x1m28) is designed for the most restricted worksites. Platforms and gangways supplement the range to hang Escalib Mills stair towers or to clear obstacles. TABLE OF CONTENTS General 2 The module 4 Assembly guardrail 5 Assembling and dismantling 6 Lifting and shifting 8 Configuration 9 Specifications and load capacity 10 Additional components 11 Spare parts 12 Transport 13 Escalib Mills kit 14 Modular front access gangway 16 Modular side access gangway 18 Scaffolding gangway 22 Special case examples 24 Suspended Escalib Mills 26 Platform 28 Bracket landing 34 Mini Escalib Mills 36 Mini Escalib Mills: specifications and load capacity 38 The latest r evised version s of technical information are available on NT 010 - ESCALIB MILLS TECHNICAL INFORMATION