Mini Escalib Mills

A compact, 1.2 m square, worksite spiral staircase with side exit.Mini_escalib_banche_940x940

This compact staircase is designed for restricted worksites. It uses the same principles as the standard version, with the same advantages: erection without harness, rapid installation and repositioning using a crane.

It is particularly suitable for accessing coffering or erecting on overhangs.

For staircases more than two modules high, provide intermediate exits so that workmen can pass each other.


Plus points:

  • Easy, safe access (all the levels can be accessed without modification).
  • Erection and dismantling using collective protection with built-in guardrails (no safety harness).
  • Fast installation and mobility.
  • Compact footprint.
  • Only three different one-piece sections.
  • Can be moved by crane.
  • Tough and galvanised

See technical details:


“Mini Escalib Mills for restricted worksites”